Past Exhibits

Secrets of the Archives

Feb 15 through December 2018

Military Chaplains

Feb 15 through December 2017

John Lancaster Spalding 1st Bishop of Peoria

Feb 15 through December 2016

Priest Heroes of the Diocese of Peoria

Feb 15 through Dec 15, 2015

Ethnic Churches in the Diocese of Peoria
Feb 15 through Dec 15, 2014

Pope John Paul II
Special Display 2013

Pax et Bonum - Franciscans in the Peoria Diocese
July 15 through Dec 15, 2013

150 Years of Catholic Education
2013 Special Display

VCII@50: Year of Faith
January through June 2013
“Bishop Franz’s profound understanding of the goal of the Council served the people of God here immensely…The message of the Council was a source of a great joy to him.”

In this Year of Faith, a unique display on the Vatican II Council and Peoria Diocese features special memorabilia and archival pieces, particularly those of our late Bishop John B. Franz who attended every session of the Council.  You can find out what he thought about the council atmosphere and about the two Popes who led it. 

Hear the memories of a then-seminarian who “happened” to be in Rome at the right time.  Appreciate the faith behind Council’s accomplishments, and see what the non-Catholics thought about it. 

…Learn what this “fighting a good fight” was all about!

Pioneer Schools:

On the Shoulders of Bishop Spalding:
The Beginnings of the Catholic Education in Peoria Diocese

July – November 2012

The history of the Catholic Church in Peoria Diocese would be noticeably incomplete without recognition of the Catholic schools and an army of unsung heroes – priests, Religious, and lay teachers alike – passing the wealth of knowledge and the Catholic Faith tirelessly wherever the course of history brought them. 

Whether small country school houses or proudly standing academies, still open or long-closed, their seeds have grown into fruitful trees from which we benefit to this day.

“We hope that our love will be at least a small compensation for the noble sacrifices they have made and are still making daily to educate the young of America in the truths of the Holy Mother Church."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Grateful Alumni

A Father For Our Family:
A Snapshot of Bishop Jenky's Life and Ministry

January – June 2012

In honor of Bishop Jenky's ten years as shepherd of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, join the Diocesan Museum in celebrating his service to the Church. Journey through the Bishop's life, beginning with his childhood through his current service as the eighth bishop of Peoria.


Sacred Threads:
Historic Liturgical Vestments of the Diocese of Peoria

June - December 2011

Presence of the Benedictines:

History of Catholic Charities:

Bishop Joseph H. Schlarman:


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